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E-Fit on the 9th Coca-Cola Fitness Day

We have been present at well-known national sport events on countless occasions, so we could easily think that there are no news to talk about.  However, we are proud to say that we have just concluded a very succesful event.

We were filled with joy that thousands of visitors came to the 9th Coca-Cola Fitness Day, because it is another proof of the fact that more and more people are taking care of their health, are paying attention to fitness and healthy and conscious nutrition in Hungary. We met youngsters,  elderlies and mothers who arrived with their children, so it is safe to say that almost all age groups presented themselves. Visitors could not only get to know the newest forms of exercise, but they could also try out products made with healthy ingredients – low-carb products, supplements, preservative-free proteins, vitamins, etc. Visitors could also buy these ingredients so they can try great healthy receipts at home.

Despite our little free time, it is also very important to pay attention to exercise along with healthy eating. And what could be more suitable for this than E-fit? With our technology, those who lead a conscious lifestyle will only need 20 minutes twice a week to get incredible results!


Although we had been present at several events, there were still some who met E-fit for the first time since it was necessary to register at our stand.  Don’t worry if you couldn’t try out this „shocking experince” this time – we will see you very soon!


Next event coming up: 26 April 2015, Fitbalance


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