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Professional personal training


The EF-1280 device especially developed for the whole body’s stimulating workout, the equipment comprises a special dress set together with 10 pairs of electrode cables and a modern voltage and frequency controller device. The special electrode cables are also used for medical cures and physiotherapy. The comfortable dress is made from a breathable material, it allows a freedom in the exercise and keeps the electrode cables on the appropriate muscle group perfectly.  The same effect can be achieved within a 20 minute E-Fit personal training as in a 90 minute regular or aerobic training.

Professional E-Fit device for commercial use with microprocessor-controlled pre-installed and fully configurable workout programs. The 12-channel output allows the device a more continuous electrode distribution.



Benefits of the EF-1280 device

  • The EF-1280 machine has 12 independent channels, ensuring the electrodes are accurately placed according to muscle groups and cover nearly the entire muscular system of the body.
  • The device’s casing and stand are made of sturdy inox steel, and the suit and cables are equipped with metal connectors.
  • The 12 channels and the compatible dress provide a better stimulation of the muscle, therefore they improve the trainings efficiency.
  • In addition to the main muscle groups it is possible to train other muscle groups by connecting separate electrode cables (calves, triceps, and biceps).
  • Besides the possibility of the entire body workout, one can find training programs for separate muscle groups too among the pre-loaded muscle building and fat burning programs.
Disclaimer: The results will vary from person to person depending on the efforts they put.