In 2011, E-Fit began manufacturing E-Fit Devices after years of Research & Development.E-Fit is growing network in more than 30 countries world wide.

For India – E-fit is branded under EAZY GYM Franchise concept. Every franchisee gains excellent advantages from a well-tried training concept that has proven itself in practice and is in broad demand.

Eazy Gym consists of a micro studio (up to two concurrent clients); thus, it needs little space and investment. Franchisees coach their clients individually, according to needs and preconditions. With a 30 minutes work out per week your clients will reach the desired results. Eazy Gym follows a holistic approach – beside individual training schedules, diet and lifestyle of a client are analyzed and adapted.

Become a studio owner now! OUR CONCEPT + YOUR IDEAS AND ACTION = YOUR SUCCESS with Eazy Gym.

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Disclaimer: The results will vary from person to person depending on the efforts they put.