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The E-Fit owner is on the same stage with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

On the Success Day which was organised on Sunday, the 22nd February, E-Fit did not attend only as the main sponsor of the event,  but Dr. Janos Papp owner of E-Fit also spoke about the success of E-Fit on the stage.

Those who chose Success Day as a program, had a long day full of experience, great advices and motivations. On the event, great athletes and successful people spoke about their success and the road to their success such as Dr. Denes Kemeny, Gyorgy Kozmann, Attila Katus, Dr. Gergely Kiss, Gabor Talmacsi and the Rakonczai brothers. Of course the main attraction of the day was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s speech in which he described his 6 points of success, but this time, in details.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 6 points of success:

– Trust yourself and forget Plan B!
– Break the rules. Not the law, but the rules.
– Don’t be afraid to fail.
– Don’t listen to the naysayers.
– Work your butt off, otherwise the rest of the rules will not work either.
– Always find time and opportunity to give something back.


The star’s words and advices were incredibly inspirational, so those who came only to this speech left with useful thoughts too.

Successful movie carrier in more than 30 movies. Successful political carrier as the governor of the State of California and not to mention the phenomenal achievements as a world-class bodybuilder. One is for sure. It is worth thinking through Arnold Schwarzenegger’s advices because he is a great example of great success can be achieved. Nothing proves this better for us than the achieved successes of E-Fit. We are proud to say that, our company has achieved great successes, because just within 4 years, we got to the point where we export our products to 35 countries, which helped to make E-Fit popular world wide. We are very proud that Dr. Janos Papp, the owner of E-Fit has talked too on the Success Day, where he told how we became successful from the beginning until today.

We also collected the secrets of E-Fit’s success into 6 points, we hope to give motivation, good advices, positive thoughts to many.

E-Fit’s 6 points of success:

 – Love to work. Love what you do and enjoy every minute of it.
– Collect a great team. People who motivate and help each other to proceed forward.
– Have a common goal.
– A personal motivation and creativity. Dream, invent, create, shape new things, useful things. This is the basis of success.
– From the spark of an idea, see the final result in front of you and proceed toward the final goal without a doubt.
– Success always starts small. There are steps that make you stronger, keep you motivated and lift you higher.
Keep this always in focus.


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